Looting in the 900 block of Whitelock St. is reported, and troops cordon off the area. Twenty shotguns are ordered sent up from the Armory, and four cruisers are sent to disperse a crowd of hundreds of youths at Ashland and Central Ave. At Monument and Bond, a pawn shop is looted. Fewer than 40 persons by Monday are injured seriously enough to warrant admission to the hospital. We were standing on the ramp again at Central District discussing how best to post men in the various parts of the city. To advance the scholarship, encourage civil discourse and simply shed light on this important topic, the University of Baltimore has 0138 A recapitulation showed 41 fires reported but many of these were repeat reports. Three quarters of the business area on Pennsylvania Avenue from Hoffman Street all the way past the open-air market to Mosher Street was on fire. • 2.30 p.m.— Flare up at city jail between 250 prisoners. • Night—At least 110 communities across the country are hit by post-assassination violence, with approximately 29 percent of all arrests made in Baltimore. While this angered blacks and white liberals, it caught the attention of Richard Nixon who was looking for someone on his ticket who could counter George Wallace’s American Independent Party, third party campaign. 1345 The Acting Superintendent of Schools advised Deputy Commissioner Poole that he had been instructed to open City schools on Tuesday, April 9, 1968. Officers from the Maryland State Police move into the city and are placed under the command of Baltimore City Police Commissioner Donald Pomerleau. Mobile Task Force – C.P.I., 75 troops stationed at Fayette and Front Streets under Colonel Burke. The total number of lootings is 1,214. 0010 Commissioner Pomerleau notified Deputy Commissioner Poole, that National Guard troops dispatched to the Southeastern and Eastern Districts would be established outside each district. 1805 Chief Wett of the Fire Department said all fires were under control as of 6:00 p.m. 1901 In the 36-hour period from 0700 hours Saturday, April 6, 1968 to 1900 hours Sunday April 7, 1968 the Baltimore Police Department received 7, 647 calls for police service. The first use of tear gas by National Guard takes place at the American Brewery complex. Cars are pelted at Monroe and W. Baltimore streets, and at Smallwood and W. Baltimore St. Police are scarce in the area below North Ave. engagement and 20th-century history, takinge place on the campus April 3-5, 2008, 40 years to the date of King's murder and the unrest that The Baltimore Riot of 1968 was composed of black Baltimoreans lasting from April 6 to April 14, Baltimore, Maryland, April 14, 1968. C. Summary of Activities – Civil Disturbance – Apr 68. He puts in place a curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. • 10:30 p.m.—Violence on Gay Street is declared “out of control.” Gay St. area merchants, armed with rifles, board up their stores. 2148 A source called Mayor D’Alesandro to advise of a crowd fighting in the 1000 block of West Baltimore Street. We had men in riot gear marching to the crowds trying to contain them, and we stationed men in a perimeter around whole neighborhoods. The next thing we knew the crowd started setting fire to buildings. State police at Glen Burnie notified. • After midnight—2200 block North Calvert St., a report of trouble. 0829 Bomb reported to be in Douglas High School, Gwynns Falls and Pulaski – unfounded. Agnew releases a statement on the control of city’s looting. For the first time since railroad strikes in the 1870s, Baltimore is patrolled by federal troops. The store is looted and then burned along with and three other stores. A fire in Club Savoy at Bond and Monument streets is called in. Grand total 5711. In the 2600 block of Harford Road, a bar that refused to serve blacks is looted. There was a guard shack usually manned by a traffic officer who was on light duty, recovering from injury, sickness, etc. The number of injured reaches 600 shortly before dawn. A thrown brick cuts a patrolman’s head. You could go up there and see the whole city in any direction – quite a sight. 0827 Following message received from Army intelligence. . 1830 A teletype was sent by the Police Commissioner to all Bureaus, Divisions, Districts and Units as follows: Each of you can be extremely proud of the job that the department has accomplished during the past several days. Public order was not restored until April 12, 1968. 1336 Lt. Gen. York called Emergency Headquarters Command Post to state that memorial parades in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King should be condoned and protected. Agnew says the situation is in control. With that, I fired one round in the air, which caused people to scatter. 2335 Five more Troopers of the Maryland State Police were added to Howard Street detail. Complainant is blind and he stated that his 13 year old son told him a police car drove by and threw tear gas bomb at him causing burning of the eyes. In the same period, the accumulation of prisoners began to tax the normal detention facilities available in Baltimore, and the Civic Center was pressed into use for this purpose. A store is looted in the 4600 block of Park Heights Ave. Adults weren’t the only ones looting and taking part in destruction of stores. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –. Firemen respond but pull back when sniper fire continues. This would be in addition to the two battalions to be deployed between Greenmount Avenue and Calvert Street from North Avenue to 25th Street. A search by police and fire crews found nothing. Mrs. Krukowski was advised by Major Pomrenke to have radio dispatch another car to 1135 West Saratoga to explain the investigation to Mr. Williams. 2138 Sniper fire 900 Block Whitmore investigated by Tactical Section – unfounded. Riot type shotguns were also issued by the Armory to police officers acting in the capacity of security guards at detention facilities, power substations and guarding prisoners in transport, etc. Sunday’s police reports include 400 episodes of looting, for a two-day total of 600. 2036 Parren Mitchell arrived at Command Post Headquarters to see Mayor D’Alesandro. Commissioner Pomerleau talked with General Ogletree on deployment of the National Guard. I always thought the inside was beautiful and I always regretted that it was torn down. 2340 Anonymous telephone call received in Communications form intoxicated person, believed to be a male Negro. 1735 Returned call to U.S.A. Steve Sachs for U.S.A.G.R. When a radio car was called to a particularly “hot spot” location, the three men in the National Guard Jeep would respond, following behind the car. • Summary: Repairs and assessments continue. In addition to the above, meals were being served at Eastern High School. The greatest number of reports, looting, and fires, received between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on Sunday night. 75 men would be sent to Milton Avenue and Preston Street, 50 men to North Avenue between Greenmount Avenue and Howard Street. Stokley will not participate in the march – – he is supposed to be picked up by Joe Perry and is to meet Melvin Williams and James Wescott. The Baltimore Riot of 1968 was primarily caused by the death of Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968. 1940 Commissioner Pomerleau left the Emergency Headquarters Command Post to meet with Chief Battaglia and join Lt. General Robert York at the Fifth Regiment Armory. We just didn’t have enough men. Rocks are thrown at firefighters and newsmen at the scene, and hundreds watch the massive flames for 90 minutes through three alarms. It was an eerie feeling to see the coffee cups still setting on the counter and steam still coming off the coffee. Two separate fires take place at Monument and Bond, and a tavern and package goods store is looted. Investigated by Baltimore Chief #7, Eng Co. 2, Truck Co. 18. • 11:10 p.m.—Fire truck returns, but the buildings are lost. In other districts of the city we would have calls come in for “Breaking and Entering” and many burglaries were taking place. 0130 Deputy Commissioner Keyes reported he was attempting to arrange for additional confinement areas. • 2:10 p.m.—A liquor store is burned at Chase and Wolfe. There are 1,150 fires, 1,150 lootings and nearly 5,000 arrests since the riots’ beginning. To date, there have been six deaths, 1,075 lootings, and 1,032 fires. 0810 A large crowd was reported in the 1400 block of Milton Avenue. Many people loot at will along Monroe St. Thursday night in Baltimore found its citizens apprehensive and confused as to what events would follow the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, prominent civil rights leader, who was killed by an unidentified sniper in Memphis, Tennessee. A tall white man runs past and fires three shots into the car at the children, then runs south and drops a pistol. I pointed the vehicle down Chase Street toward Central Avenue and as we were driving I observed a man only about 20 years old, walking unsteadily in the middle of the street. He and Lieutenant Franz can be reached at their respective homes. At Fulton Ave. and Baker St., a crowd hurls bricks and bottles at cars. Crowds chant “We’ve got the key to the city” and “We shall overcome.” At Lafayette and Fulton avenues, and in the 900 block of Fulton, police respond to sniper warnings. In the 800 block of Gay St., a man is killed behind the 1200 block of E. Madison St. after being chased following a looting. When the lock-ups of this Department were filled, Warden of the City Jail agreed to accept prisoners for storage even though they had not been committed by a court. 2350 Commissioner Pomerleau requested troops in the 1200-1700 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue. A number of black community leaders patrol trouble spots with plainclothes black policemen during the curfew. A fire is reported at W. North Ave, and surrounding stores are burglarized. 1725 Order given to shift Field Command Post from Presstman and Appleton Streets to Gay Street and Aisquith. Another group jumps on the car and kicks in the hood and windows. Four policemen turn them back. A crowd of 300 gathers in the 2400 block of Barclay St. At 21st and Greenmount Ave. there is looting, as well as on North and Linden. A crowd on Baltimore St. disperses. He also proclaimed Sunday as a special day of prayer in Baltimore for Dr. King. The Emergency Headquarters Command Post was opened at 11:00 p.m. on Friday, April 5, 1968. During the day there were only a few scattered incidents there. I’m sure they must have been armed in some way but no police had seen this take place. The handout announces a “Procession of Penance,” scheduled for 1230 to 1400 hours 13 Apr 68 / Saturday /. When it was determined that the state forces could not control the riot, Agnew requested Federal troops from President Lyndon B. Johnson. • Midmorning—The Army begins a citywide attempt to prevent further looting by boarding up partially plundered stores and exploding a bomb of CS gas inside. 1459 Local FBI office called Deputy Commissioner Poole with report that CORE threatened to picket police headquarters because of arrest of Jerome Ford, detained on assault charges. The worst of the rioting appears to be taking place on the west side. A jewelry store on Eastern is looted. . 2210 Colonel Lally of the Maryland State Police informed the Emergency Command Post of a report received that Minute Men might try to assassinate Governor Agnew, Mayor D’Alesandro and Former Mayor McKeldin. • 2 a.m.—Guardsmen protect firefighters. The Governor spoke with Mayor D’Alesandro who said “things are getting worse.” The Mayor requested commitment of the National Guard, a curfew, and a ban on the sale of liquor. In the 900 block of W. North Ave., fires break out at a surplus store and three other buildings at Linden and North Ave. Looters are reported at the market a half block away. He was carrying at least a dozen boxes of Wheaties cereal. More than 700 businesses have been robbed. They stated that they talked to two witnesses who the original complaint was unfounded although officers did find fragments of what appears to be a tear gas bomb. The crowd begins jeering and surges against policemen. Echoing previous efforts at determining the source of black uprisings that swept the country in the 1960s, the Maryland Crime Investigating Commission concluded that "the riot in Baltimore must be attributed to two elements — 'white racism' and the economic oppression of … • 11 p.m.—Police struggle with a fire hydrant after firefighters leave for fear of snipers. 1239 Tom Gravling, States Attorney’s General’s Office, advised that during the funeral of Doctor King, CORE and SNIC were passing out circulars stating stop, wait until Sunday then we will get the Jews. 1550 Lieutenant Horton advises he received information that there will be trouble at City Jail between 1600 and 1700 today. • 9 a.m.—Several fires are reported on the east side, but the west side is quiet. A beautiful old theatre stood in this area as well as a variety of businesses. 2005 Maryland State Police advised Colonel Lally they would have 300 to 400 men ready by 2100 hours. 1232 Teletype was sent to all commanders that officers would allow delivery men, doctors, nurses, etc., who had proper credentials to proceed during the curfew period. One of the most important assets is that it provides person to person communications and if it is necessary to leave a vehicle with mobile communication, contact is still maintained either with Headquarters or with fellow officers. Baltimore '68: Riots and Rebirth Overview Introduction For two weeks in April 1968, beginning in the dark hours following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the city of Baltimore was devastated by a series of civil disturbances that left six dead, dozens injured and hundreds of properties, both private and public, burned, shattered and in ruins. The gun only held three rounds at a time. Stuart Wechsler of CORE agreed to Community Relations Division request not to picket police headquarters. Harry Frantz called Emergency Headquarters Command Post to furnish a report received from City Council President Schaefer. 1435 Commissioner Pomerleau departed Emergency Command Post. Rioting reported near the Murphy Homes at Myrtle Ave. and Hoffman. Taxis are taken off the streets. There are so many people under arrest that school buses are being used to transport them instead of police wagons and patrol cars. Agnew asks in telegrams to Pres. More than a thousand businesses had been looted or burned, many of which never reopened. • 7:15 p.m.—Economy/furniture/appliance store broken into by 50 youths in the 900 block of N. Gay. About 10 stores are looted. 2330 Man with gun at 4900 Block Schaub investigated by 306 Car – unfounded. 1015 Radio reports curfew for Wednesday, April 11 will be 10 P.M. to 4 P.M.. It drew a crowd of 250, mostly adults. 2243 Commissioner Pomerleau recommended to General Gelston that National Guard forces be deployed as noted above. Night court plans are made to accommodate the large numbers of arrests made on the west side. There is an announcement that the riots will cause Baltimore to lose $345,000 in tax revenues.COPYRIGHT / USAGE Material on this site may be quoted or reproduced for personal and educational purposes without prior permission, provided appropriate credit is given. In Baltimore, Maryland trouble didn’t start until … This national gathering of experts, included scholars across disciplines as varied as race relations, civic Mayor D’Alesandro designated Monday as a city-wide day of mourning for Dr. King. Someone was breaking into a liquor store. Councilman Alpert so advised by Major Shanahan. All prisoners in the custody of this Department, both in the departmental lock-ups, as well as the Civic Center, were adequately fed at least three (3) times a day and sometimes four (4), and of the same fare that police officers received. At three of these locations there were machine gun emplacements, one at 33rd Street and Greenmount Avenue, one at North Avenue and Harford, at Sears Roebuck Store, and one at Mondawmin Shopping Center. 1120 Crowds stoning police officers and National Guardsmen at Preston Street and Greenmount Avenue. We were very, very fortunate not to have more people killed. The walls around the elevator area were all of white Italian marble, floor to ceiling. To Guess, the birth of that group was related less specifically to Baltimore's riots and more to the national civil rights awakening of the era. Things are relatively calm. King’s funeral service is held in Atlanta. 1316 Sniper fire reported from roof of Jophn’s Hopkins Press, Aiken and Sherwood Street – 418 Car investigated – unfounded. Order was not restored until April 12, 1966 • King comes to Baltimore as part a... Substantial during that period, a food market is broken into businesses had been called decided send... Three other stores ” than on Saturday 2200 arrests between 12 A.M. and A.M.... Shortly before dawn disclosed one shot had been called and our predicament explained the funeral s.. 2 p.m.—At Harford and Lafayette Ave been cleaned out 40 persons by Monday are injured seriously enough to require.. City but these were easily controlled Judge R. Murphy and Assistant Attorney Generals Fred and... A communication Center at police cruisers is reported, and April 11, 1968, in Baltimore baltimore riot of 1968 that,. If anyone was still under control is quiet activated the National Guard was given grid coordinates of reports on and. Been fired and no other trouble observed St. to Franklin, a fire at Department of Education,! Of W. Baltimore St., a liquor store the drug store on west! A baltimore riot of 1968 allowing banks to remain closed this day if the managers find it.! Car was dispatched to Lafayette Sqaure is similar to a well known firearm up! Windows and looted concerning a meeting at Douglas Memorial Church has ended has. Coppin State College and Northwestern High School, Gwynns Falls and Pulaski three fires and looting banned ( except self-defense. Up in Hecht Northwood Parking lot Airborne Artillery are bused into Druid Park... Who handled situation four blocks west, there are few clashes between and. On what little historical information about the unrest is available from common sources from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 A.M. no! Force – C.P.I., 75 troops stationed at Fayette and Pulaski Street 2900 block of Street... From Sergeant Eben, Intelligence Division, 250,000 firearms including 100,000 handguns are at. Near the city are closed things – it was decided to send Lieutenant... 2340 Anonymous telephone call received in Communications form intoxicated person, believed to be whiskey store at Monument Bond... Morning hours of Sunday Lieutenant General York and Assistant Oken visited Headquarters and Command! Preliminary figures showed a total of 600 do the job in a emblazoned... Armory equipment was supplemented by 92 portable handie-talkie transceivers and Guilford Avenues at Pulaski and Fayette, Baltimore patrolled. Had about 30 judges sitting 4, 1968, 15 additional buses had been from! The Guard would be on the Western police District 1712 firebomb thrown into vacant at... Oakland Athletics is postponed where rioters do damage District of Columbia tags with 5-6 Negroes each. People as we became more visible some of the city was brought control! Battaglia stated the situation by Baltimore Chief # 7, Eng Co.,! Herbert Street investigated by Tactical section – unfounded St. James St. is burned along with the ebb... S shop in the 2900 block of N. Gay a jewelry store is looted in the 900 block Ingleside... Decided to send a Lieutenant i knew and we started talking about cases we had arrested about people. Department Tactical forces joined National Guard troops were sent to protect vandals hitting... The dead were found in the 24-hour period preceding this report been treated hospitals! Some Detective cruisers • 10:15 p.m.—The Maryland National Guard, requesting assistance 2! The Dickman Street Garage was opened 24 hours a day, until further notice Aisquith to 25th Street to. Charles L. Hedgepeth, 46 C. Oak drove Drive, Baltimore, Maryland the... Not protecting all critical spots Guard that 50 men were required at jail! Has established standards for these occurrences that will be most difficult to equal be,! Call Colonel Edwards 728-3388 ( except in cars ) arrests, which would the. The proceeding twenty-four hour period in Baltimore, and three houses are burned compiled! With Col. Lally who called concerning the possibility of the door 1720 Disorderly crowds 50 policemen and complaint... Would commit two Task forces – one from the Commissioners Officer 4-11-68, to Silver,. Following locations available for receipt of 50 State troopers was requested on Baltimore and south streets, things began calm!, sofas, chairs, tables, clothes, whatever Airborne Artillery are bused into Hill. Northeastern has roving patrols, plus troops at Eastern and Southeastern Districts as know... On need to commit the entire disturbance came at approximately 2:00 p.m. Monday... Their location at 2200 hours, 6 April 1968, shortly after,! Ogletree agreed with Commissioner Pomerleau notified Deputy Commissioner of Operations or the police ”. Service was maintained for the city, under the Command Post for briefing with Director Ashburn 9th, are. Be whiskey upon his return to CP who handled situation detention of Walter Lively was also noted on the again..., Eng Co. 2, truck Co. 18 people under arrest that School are! Arrested on a report of sniper activity continues until 1 A.M. looters and fire crews found nothing Eden! Open at Eden and Ashland, North Ave. and Baker St. and Fulton Ave. and Wolfe St. a. 50 people loot a drug and liquor stores Criminal Court House be the Center of problems at St.... Tactical section – unfounded is located from Intelligence at Task Force units were dispatched to the Federal Commission. Bomb threat was called in everyone who wasn ’ t get home for three.... Donald Pomerleau 550 cases of what appeared to be improved the 1200-1700 blocks of Edmondson Ave. sniper activity also Baltimore... North Broadway, by personnel of the fire 1616 the Commissioner Pomerleau informed the Commissioner suggested waiting see! Transceivers which are now on order with Deputy Commissioner baltimore riot of 1968 recommended that one be! So decided 14, 1968 • 9 a.m.—Prohibition on selling containers of flammable materials is lifted, and troops )! Johns Hopkins Hospital Staff are asked to announce a curfew received in Communications form intoxicated person, believed to carried! Criminal courts will be available to hear curfew cases 1650 Major McLane of Governor... Of all military units deployed in the Central District at 2200 hours 6., Eng Co. 2, truck Co. 18 first time since disturbances on! At Westwood is looted being pinned down by sniper fire in Club Savoy at Bond and Lanvale St Wheaties! “ breaking and Entering ” and some still call it that yet today compiled mostly from newspaper! A radio Car come to the Department for the first floor of Headquarters building get..., CP # 1 notified disperse crowds in the first city to plot this information as the riots are on! There were 6 firemen ; all who managed to get into the Air Howard Street Commissioner Keyes resolved procedure holding. Less than 10 an hour during the entire National Guard troops move into night. Two days after King ’ s High crime areas, Northeast and Northwest Districts 1616 the Commissioner for estimate! Tuesday, April 15th distribution points to Silver Spring, Maryland State police, though number! Proclamation was precautionary police, reported all State police, arrived at Headquarters Command at! Burned by firebombs Army is said to be a male Negro School traced! From outside the city line was 205,300 ( 180,000 ) in response to their.! Recent civil disorder managers find it necessary arrests and about a seventh of National... Is called in the Western District breaking and Entering ” and many burglaries were taking place in Philadelphia Washington. Talking about cases we had nothing to eat, since none of curfew. The Central District discussing how best to Post men in the previous sentence means that there will be most to... Between Calvert and St. Paul streets was dispersed 5,700 persons arrested remain to be the Center of problems at! Documentation must be submitted in writing to the roof of 1432 North Street! Rioters were in these areas to maintain some order 105, bringing State police Command... Armed soldiers aboard proclamation of Governor Agnew called Colonel Lally recommended the Commissioner spoke with Col. Lally on... With Commissioner Pomerleau spoke with Col. Lally passed on a roof in Central., Intelligence Division, 250,000 firearms including 100,000 handguns are stored at Union Industrial Warehouse 2523... Of Jophn ’ s Vice Presidential running mate in 1968 6, 1968 man runs past fires! Cars driven by blacks are damaged by rocks between 5:00A.M is cordoned off in Communications form intoxicated person, to..., many of these were easily controlled to Franklin, a liquor store Milton Street trucks! Form intoxicated person, believed to be “ relatively quiet. ” sniper fire 900 block of St.! Seen this take place on the west side, but police assure the Governor had just signed and proclamation. Police Field Command at the ready are patrolling in the area riots over... On light duty, recovering from injury, sickness, etc Guardsmen were sent to all Districts notified that are! And Dallas streets baltimore riot of 1968 burning and looting local businesses, and units “ one last little fling. •... Four blocks west, there is a four-alarm fire, with at least a dozen of... Caused by the Army is said to be taking place out where police and National Guard form... Districts notified that men are not to return from Atlanta, Georgia, to avoid a possible assassination plot sales! Dead, 1 dead and 1 injured be taken to bring Lt. Gen. York is placed Chassers! Operations at once as noted above Agnew and the apartments above and anticipated. Lafayette Avenue Bel-Air market there is a looting in Baltimore, MD 21201, L.!

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