The Virginia Employment Commission is working overtime to try and keep up with the thousands of unemployment claims coming in during the coronavirus pandemic. After you make this one-time claim, you must move on to Step 2: Register For Work. For verification purposes, there is unfortunately no way in the system to backdate a claim. The only difference is that your information, username and password are already in the system. 10. to resolve the problem or reopen your claim. MEETING REPORTING REQUIREMENTS – If you fail to report to the Division of Workforce Development when required to do so, or fail to be available for a telephone fact finding interview with the Division of Unemployment Insurance. "Backdating" means moving the date of the claim back to the day you first were laid off or otherwise became unemployed. You will likely be required to reopen your claim (by reapplying) to begin receiving benefits. Please seek a … Reopening a claim is similar to opening one in the first place. With the added $600 FPUC, missing out on a few weeks of unemployment benefits can mean losing out on thousands of dollars! KS is still updating their systems to allow those who exhausted their benefits prior to to 12/26 to do this so unfortunately just a waiting game and a really tough spot for you. Backdate Claim So if you do receive a claim that is incorrect, you need to start a process to backdate it. If you receive a Low Earnings Report from your employer, you may file the form either in person or by mailing the form to the nearest unemployment claims office. Local office back dated my claim for pua and regular unemployment to March 15. Unemployment claims are effective the date they are filed. My husband is on peuc and not eb and hasn’t received payments since eb was cut off. INSUFFICIENT BASE PERIOD WAGES – There is a question concerning your monetary eligibility for benefits. Some states require additional eligibility requirements to reopen a claim, such as a certain amount of work hours or work wages between closing your claim and reopening it. 8. It means that you do not have a week for which you can claim benefits. You will need to call 866-832-2363 (Available 8:15am to 4:30pm, Monday - Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturday. 9. I started receiving both for week ending July 18. If you opened an unemployment compensation (UC) claim within the past year, stopped filing for those benefits, but now need to file for benefits again, you will simply reopen your existing claim. How do I file a claim? I am in the same situation as you. You should file for unemployment as soon as possible after you are furloughed or lose your job. 7. You must file your Initial Unemployment Compensation Application online at and select the radio button “To file a new/additional Initial Unemployment Claim”.. Closed Sunday and state holidays.) Now I am being told that my regular unemployment has to end in order to receive back dated pua. The VEC says it was only expecting to process 95,000 unemployment claims in 2020, but because of the pandemic, more than 1.4 million people have filed unemployment claims … I received unemployment payments for a few weeks and then nothing. I am confused. File this claim online or by phone between the hours of 8:15am and 4:30pm, Monday - Friday (Closed state holidays) 1-866-832-2363 . Your initial claim determines if you are eligible for benefits. I never received anything back regarding my PUA application and on the new programs added to gov2go I completed the file for va unemployment but do not remember if I clicked reopen or new. My pua has been put on hold.

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