The narrow width 0.8″ belt is the most feminine of the widths. Buy, sell or pawn one at pawn shops near you with PawnGuru. 5 Affordable Winter Essentials To Dress Up Or Down, 10 Best Designer Bags To Invest In For 2021, Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Still Grab in Time for Christmas, How I Edit My Photos & The New Mia Mia Mine Presets, 10 Chic & Affordable Beauty Organizers to Declutter Your Space, The Designer Heels In My Closet That I Wear Most, 10 Basics You Need For A Capsule Wardrobe. As I’m sure you know, the Gucci belts can be very hard to come by in your size because they are constantly selling out! If you don’t have a tape measure, you can go by your … If I wanted to wear this black belt up around my ribcage with a dress, I wouldn’t be able to without adding holes. Gucci Belt (wearing a size 70) All The Best Under $100 Denim In My Wardrobe. So, if you want to get the look but also save some pennies at the same time, you can shop men’s Gucci belts here (US shopping Link here ) . The smaller 0.8″ width belt is more delicate and looks better with dresses and office attire. You may have noticed recently on my Instagram that I finally decided to splurge and join in on the Gucci belt trend! I very rarely would be needing to wear it higher up around my ribs with a dress, but I could if I wanted to, it would just be slightly loose. Belt length Size Chart - Women: Gucci does offer a size guide on their site (shown below) or you can click on the “Size Guide” next to the color selector here. Larger buckles with rounded shapes are common on more casual styles. When it comes to choosing what width is best for you, it’s all based on your preference. I have heard that many people just go to a cobbler or leather specialist to have holes added, which I may do. Similar Bodysuit Chanel Medium Flap Bag Do you plan to wear it with high waisted pants? New and used Gucci belts on eBay come in a variety of waist sizes and styles. Belt And Buckle Styles. Then: See which belt length that correspond with your waist size. Similar to other designer belts made by Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton – the Gucci belt is a wardrobe staple that will stand the test of time. Even though I don’t wear very much black at all, I was still getting a lot of wear out of the belt, so I decided it was worth it to get the cognac brown as well! The buckle comes in palladium, brass and shiny brass finishes. My brown belt is a size 85, and it’s perfect with my high waist jeans!! The medium width 1″ belt is technically a men’s belt. 3. And here on Gucci. I took a pic of my GG marmont belts in 1.5 and .5 width both in a size 85cm which I purchased in March. I started off with the black belt since I own a black Gucci bag, that way my bag and belt would match when I wanted them to. I ended up getting a size 70 for my first two Gucci belts and I sized up to a 75 in my white Gucci belt since I bought it to wear mainly with lower rise denim shorts in the summer. My black belt is a 95, and it’s definitely a little big on me with high waist jeans, but it still works. Check on the underside of your belt where size is usually printed If size is not printed or belt was resized before, measure lengths AB and AC of the belt As I mentioned above, some elements change in time but the latest authentic Gucci dust bag can be seen at the picture below. In terms of colors, it comes in black, pink, white, brown and a brand new tan color – which I love. Check the details of the sticker label. From there you can find your measurement in the chart below. Dress belts typically have very small, flat belt buckles (and tend to be narrower belts themselves). Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and sale events. The buckle comes in palladium, brass and shiny brass – newly introduced for 2020. I know that once fall comes around, I will be wearing them constantly with jeans, sweaters, and cardigans for the perfect accessory. When it comes to picking the right size in the Gucci belt, you really have to consider how you’ll wear it most. I wear a size 27/28 in jeans, and I have two different sizes in the belts. Facing styles among the leather belts vary, with some of the Gucci belts containing branded designs on their buckles. Sizing for mens belts ranges from 28 to 30 inches at the extra-small level to 36 to 38 inches at the extra-large level. If you measure 36 inches, you will want to purchase a size 36 belt. If you didn’t know, my Gucci belt is actually a men’s belt. They are well known for being worn with high waisted jeans, or belted over a blazer or dress. The bigger your belt buckle the less formal it is. The width is in-between the women’s skinny and thick belt and it is at least £50 cheaper. My Gucci belt has become a classic wardrobe accessory that instantly elevates even the most basic outfits and its versatility makes it a great investment. I am a size 25 at my natural waist. Plus, you can now shop my Instagram outfits straight from your inbox. All three retailers offered free shipping and returns and provided a Gucci dust bag so you really get the same experience at any authorized Gucci seller. Gucci stump at the dust bag Authentic Gucci box and dust bag Belts are measured in inches and you should round to the nearest inch. Log in | Sign up ... size Select a category for specific sizes. You can find a great selection of Gucci belts here on Nordstrom. It fit well worn around my natural waist, slightly below my navel and when slung around my hips. I’m typically a size 24 (or 0) in bottoms and my measurements are a 23″ waist and 32″ hips. Replica belts are sold at low prices by counterfeiters who take advantage of buyers. Are you planning to wear it to cinch dresses in at the waist? Gucci Belt Review + Comparison: How to Choose Size and Width I went with the high rise sizing guide in the right-hand column. Belt Size Chart: #1 Guide To Belt Sizes & How To Find Yours The sticker label on the box should match the details of your … I have worn them a surprising amount already, and it’s not even fall/winter yet. Genuine Gucci belts market for somewhere in the region of $300-700, so chances are that an item selling for a lower price is fake – don't be blinded by your love of a bargain. SIZING FOR ELASTIC BELTS (SEVA AND KARMA) We suggest measuring around the top of your pants where the belt loops are with a tape measure. The brown and pink colors are great if you have a more casual or feminine wardrobe. Check that the alleged Gucci belt has the correct labels. Almost all dress belts … That process only took about fifteen minutes. Note: This measurement technique is standard for newer Proper Cloth belts, that all feature 5 holes. There are always the size measurements in the details when you’re looking to purchase the belt, and the main thing to consider is where you will most likely be wearing your belt. You find your natural waistline at the narrowest/slimmest part of your torso. If there’s one thing in my wardrobe that I wear most, it has to be my Gucci belt. Whatever you're shopping for, we've got it. You can also go with a larger size and have it resized at a Gucci boutique for free. Get the best deals on mens authentic gucci belt and save up to 70% off at Poshmark now! Please let me know if you have any questions, and I hope that this was helpful!! When I saw the black in a size that worked close enough, I just went ahead and got it, haha! Leather belts are available for both men and women and may include different accessories and buckle styles. Take a belt that fits well – either one that you already … Measuring an Existing Belt Find a belt that fits. While the hype surrounding the Gucci belt has dwindled down since it was first launched, don’t underestimate the timelessness of this belt. The widest width 1.5″ belt comes in smooth and textured leather, crocodile as well as the classic Gucci canvas print. The size 75 fit best around my hips, however, the smallest belt hole was still too big to comfortably wear around my waist. Or do you want to wear it all three ways (if so, go with the largest recommended size and get additional belt holes added later). Do you typically wear lower rise pants and anticipate slinging it around your hips? people listings people. It comes in smooth leather and canvas. Bloomingdale’s is the only site with the newly launched wide width tan color in stock right now. When I bought my belts, sizing options were limited so I ended up buying my first Gucci belt at Net-A-Porter, my second one at Nordstrom and my latest belt through Gucci’s website. However, the Gucci double G belt can instantly add that cool vibe to your outfit. Start the tape measure at the hole you use and measure to the end of the belt, where it meets the buckle. Same thins is can be said also for the dust bag. Good Evening my dear @MJ , I am a size 25 - 26 in denim and tend to wear them on my lower and mid waist as well. When it’s buckled, I usually have 1 or 2 holes to spare. It comes in smooth and textured leather, crocodile and canvas. As I mentioned above, I had a Gucci sales associate add a few extra belt holes to it so that I could be able to wear it with high waisted bottoms as well. Givenchy Sunglasses. Everything You Need to Know About Gucci Belts. The white Gucci belt is my second choice because I get a lot of wear out of that one as well. Levi’s Denim Shorts (wearing a 24) I personally prefer the widest 1.5″ width belt. Xo, Rachel. listings. The next size up, the size 70, gave me the most flexibility in terms of ways to wear it. I bought my white Gucci belt in a size 75 and had a sales associate at the Gucci boutique in Nordstrom add a couple of extra belt holes for me. For the longest time I held off thinking I didn’t need it, but they have been so popular for the past few years now and I kept seeing so many ways to style them that I was totally loving, so I just went for it! The buckle comes in palladium, brass and shiny brass. Although people often buy knockoffs knowingly, it is important for others to know what to look for when purchasing an authentic Gucci belt. Gucci Belt – find out how much it's worth. Here on MyTheresa. My Favorite Designer Heels In My Wardrobe. Now that I have not one, but two, I can officially say that I’m so glad I decided to invest in them! I own the belt in three different colors (black, white and pink), but I wear the black one most often. I took this Gucci Double GG Belt in size 85 as my measurement around the top of my jeans was 85cm. See the manufacturer site for details. Scrutinize the textures. Spanning everything from fashion to beauty to home decor, I encourage you to escape the ordinary and embrace the beauty around you. Measure waist circumference with a flexible measuring tape. Cognac is definitely one of my most worn colors when it comes to boots and accessories in the fall; it’s very versatile and I think that shade of brown is so pretty with all of the fall colors! I got a lot of requests to do a Gucci belt sizing guide, as it can be a bit tricky to decide what size to get depending on how you want to wear it. Write down the waist/hip circumference based on your measurement and add 2-3 inches to this size. My recommended sizes were the 65, 70 and 75 so I ordered all three to try. If you still need proof, then scroll down and see 22 photos of stylish women wearing the Gucci double G belt. I actually bought my belt from Gucci’s website, but any Gucci boutique will size it for you as long as it’s authentic! I very rarely wear anything low waisted, the lowest would be my jean shorts, so I am happy with size 80 or 85 as both work for high waist that I normally wear. "do not include the buckle length in your measurement". I could also still fit a size 80 with my high waist jeans or a dress, but wouldn’t be able to fit it lower waisted around my hips like I can with the size 85 brown belt I have. Please DO … The fake belt sometimes is whiter than the authentic and the discoloration of Gucci letters makes the difference once again in the box. The Gucci belt comes in three widths: 0.75,” 1″ and 1.5.” Technically, the 1″ is the men’s version, but Gucci lists in under women’s belts as well. Balmain Blazer (better for budget here) The belt is not one-size-fits-all, and you will need to check the details depending on which belt you purchase. The wider belt looks better with denim because it’s the same width as the belt loops of most pants. But if any brand could pull off a style surprise, however, it's Gucci.Since Alessandro Michele's became creative director at the beginning of 2015, the Italian fashion house has remained a favourite among the street style set. The smallest of the recommended belts, the size 65, fit well around my natural waist, but was too tight to comfortably wear any lower. I often get asked about sizing (regarding fit and width) so I thought I’d share a full guide on buying one. Fake Gucci belts exist on the Internet, which makes it even harder to determine which belts are authentic. As far as It accessories go, we can usually count on a bag or pair of shoes to blow up, but it's not all too often that a belt becomes the most coveted piece of the season. Counterfeit belts, like the original, also use heat stamps to … The Gucci double G belt has a really simple design - it's leather and it features an interlocking G buckle in brass hardware. Mia Mia Mine is a place to discover, relate and inspire. In terms of colors, it comes in black, dusty pink, white, brown, tan, red, yellow, blue and pastel pink. So whatever you measure in cm is the corresponding Gucci belt size. The best place to buy a Gucci belt is through Gucci’s website because they tend to offer the largest selection. Belt Strap: Using an existing belt, correct measurement begins from the place where the buckle connects to the belt to the current hole that you use. The rest of the belt is not considered for measurement purposes. If I could only buy one, I’d still buy the black one because it goes with everything. Don`t know your waist size? Today I’m sharing everything you need to know when buying a Gucci belt. I’m loving this tan color which just came out for 2020 too. It looks great in the summer too with whites, and especially if you’re someone that carries a Louis Vuitton bag often. First: Find your waist size in inches in the chart below, or your waist measurement in cm.

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