-Edward Elric Pain is the best teacher in life. We fight to keep them alive, that is all. It, was, GREAT! The life of an insect is so beneath you that it would be a waste of your time to even consider judging it. ", "Damn! Olivier Mira Armstrong. I mean, why else would you constantly be at war with each other? Gluttony. Look straight at the people you kill. I just wanted to be free! ", "I will always be watching you from the shadows. Source(s): … Well you're about to become a part of Brigg's foundation, General Raven...literally. It's a bit late for you to start caring now! Everything you've said is fuel on your funeral pyre! ", "YOU'VE DONE IT! Enjoy! Or, if you’ve finished both series, skip ahead to find out which quotes I think are the best fifteen of Fullmetal Alchemist. Not only that, but we are also trained to act in the darkness. – Olivier Armstrong, 27. Number 23 isn't going to cut it. ~Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist) You're way beyond the point of kissing and making up! Gluttony. Greed. Veja mais ideias sobre fullmetal alchemist, anime, edward elric. This man is planning to sacrifice his entire nation... his people...! ", "The question is, are you going to work with us - if not, the village is history. Olivier Mira Armstrong. Elle est Général de Division dans l'armée d'Amestris et est en charge de la protection de la frontière du nord d'Amestris à la Forteresse de Briggs. I'm flattered. My brother's circle of reconstruction - I've accepted BOTH hands of alchemy! and I can't just sit back and take it anymore! You do as I tell you!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It's not raining." That would be an accurate summation of my feelings towards you humans.". Envy. ", "Stop this. [Greed]- OH YEAH! "What was it you were always saying? ", "You're saying you killed Hughes? ", "I'm bringing you straight to hell with me, Bradley!! I couldn't forgive myself for being blind this long. – Edward Elric, 2. Here at Central Headquarters there is a band of brave soldiers, all willing to make that sacrifice in the name of peace. But since I met you and our sons, for the first time I felt glad to be alive. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist, alchemist, fma. Fairy Tail released in Japan on October 12, 2009, and... Bleach is a Japanese series that is created by Tite Kubo’s manga series. Alex Armstrong is a remarkably large man at a whopping 212 cm, who absolutely towers over most of the other characters in the series, making him very easy to spot in a crowd or at a distance, and has an exceptionally-sculpted and well-defined musculature honed from years of enthusiastic physical training. ", "Your arm... if it isn't bound, you'll bleed to death. In that case you're no different from me, trapped inside this stuffy flask... Let me teach you, Van Hohenheim. If you wish to see me struck down, for all these atrocities, use your own hands to do so, not ‘God’s’. Rose Thomas. You should've yanked his spine out of his mouth! Voiced most times by Christopher Sabat, Kenji Utsumi. -, The beauty of a dream is that it's a fantasy, if it happens it was never a dream... -Old Man whose granddaughter took Edwards leg. 1. ", "God you say? To that bastard! Because the show has so much substance, there are some absolutely beautiful quotes that are sure to inspire any viewer. BABIES AREN'T BORN AFTER JUST FIVE MONTHS! The pebble's ripples start small, but eventually they'll spread throughout the pond. ", "Quit your pathetic blubbering, you idiot! Now this is intriguing, how much longer do you think your 'God' plans to wait before unleashing his fury? #13 Alex louis armstrong quotes #14 Fullmetal Alchemist Motivational Quotes Stand up and walk, keep moving forward. Tim Marcoh. Buccaneer: That's not true sir. Greed may not be good, but it's not so bad, either. Mostly Al just … Or, you might want to protect the world. – Edward Elric, 30. I am the truth of your despair, the inescapable price of your boastfulness. – King Bradley, 35. Father. Images of the Alex Louis Armstrong voice actors from the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise. Trisha Elric~(We miss chu~~) Lust. I’ll give you half of my life so give me half of yours! Directed by Yasuhiro Irie, Tsutomu Yabuki. ", "On the day we left, we burned down the family home and all the familiar things inside. RELATED: Fullmetal Alchemist: 5 Characters Olivier Armstrong Would Partner With (& 5 She'd Reject) Never! You humans think greed is just for money and power! And power! Mar 18, 2018 - Explore MudSkipper Fish's board "Fullmetal alchemist quotes" on Pinterest. – Olivier Mira Armstrong, 33. ", "You can't change reality, just your perception! 20 Totally Inspiring Quotes from Fullmetal Alchemist. Too bad for you, BECAUSE I CAN!!! Don't take your eyes off them for a second. In that case you're no different from me, trapped inside this stuffy flask. Well, these are either the gates to glory, or the entrance way to hell. – Edward Elric, 14. – Maes Hughes, 24. Shame I don't get to see that softer side of you more often. – Lan Fan, 26. Very kind. Take me to Hohenheim of light! Equivalent Exchange. I'm sick of you homunculi giving me the runaround when I ask you this question. I am nearly two hundred years old...", "I want everything you can possibly imagine. ", "I don't know if you actually exist or not, God; but cut me some slack. ", "You look surprised, I'd even say shocked. Fullmetal Alchemist Quotes (2009 and 2003) Pride. Hate them and weep! Agree to work with us, and kill everyone in this country, or, refuse to work with us and watch every one in your beloved village die? I had no idea he had children! No no no no! You throw away your lives for nothing. ", "My life was lived on the rails that were laid down for me...but thanks to you humans, it was...to some degree, a good life...one worth living. It's surprising how easy it burns, isn't it? Put your total cynicism on someone else...", "But we... we just wanted... we just wanted to see Mom's face again... see her smile...", "Rings and watches have nothing to do with it. ", "Believe you?! But of course! Maybe all this time that is what I wanted: the freedom to find out. ", "If you believe the possibility exists, then you should do whatever it takes", "Hmm. Home for 5 minutes and you're off on another adventure. Publisher Spike Chunsoft released a new trailer for the upcoming video game “Re:ZERO: The Prophecy of the Throne” today, which you can watch later... Crunchyroll recently announced that the streaming service will also be featured on the PlayStation 5 with a suitable app. And this land - this land that's governed by death - I will paint it red with this shard of destruction. I can't go back. x.Wɪɴɢs Oғ Fʀᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍs.x "I am walking down a path of no return, so I will leave behind me every gift I've received from God." Me, Envy, jealous of you? ", "The ruler of Xing controls the chi known as The Dragon's Pulse. It's pathetic. "Prison Break" is a Japanese-language manga series. ", "But don't worry too much, because you will continue to live, inside me. Ha ha, I shouldn't be surprised, that's just how all you humans are. "If you turn your back on something you wanted, then you don't deserve to call yourself 'Greed'! ", "Maes Hughes is dead. FREE TO KNOW! Your stature has lead you to prove your worth by always fighting those who are larger than you. Roy: (to Hawkeye) I can't help but think of the last time we were here lieutenant. "Quit gaping like an idiot and start walking... before I rip your little body apart limb from limb! Oh wait...I recognize that scent. ", "My prince....become the king you are destined to be. Trisha Elric~(We miss chu~~) Lust. If you don't wish to get hurt leave NOW! Are you going to live out the rest of your life as a slave, without the rights of a real man? Did you think I wouldn't use heavy firepower right next to me? Don't you even want freedom? You humans are so easy to take advantage of. What an oddly good hand of cards! Olivia Mira Armstrong (オリヴィエ・ミラ・アームストロング, Orivie Mira Āmusutorongu) est l'ainée de l'illustre famille Armstrong devant Alex Louis Armstrong. #12 A heart made fullmetal meaning Life will come to an end. See more ideas about fullmetal alchemist cosplay, fullmetal alchemist, alchemist. His guilty mind won't allow it. Hoeimhein. ", "We will change, because we can change. You've heard of me! Sailor Moon is a Manga series for girls. "Alchemist of Steel") is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa.It was serialized in Square Enix's Monthly Shōnen Gangan magazine between July 2001 and June 2010; the publisher later collected the individual chapters into twenty-seven tankōbon volumes. But then you suddenly find yourself in grave danger and you seek to escape into the body of a human, a lower life form you so despise. It has it all! As the adventures goes on in the life of Alphonse and Edward, these quotes come […] It's the ultimate humiliation! HUH?! That's how we can be killed. ", "You two won't cry; someone should do it for you, don't you think? ", "I'm greedy as hell, only out for myself....", "We homunculi, we're born when an alchemist tries to recreate life. My name is Pride. Discover and share Full Metal Alchemist Quotes. But today I can finally close my eyes to the living nightmare and lay down, knowing that I won't wake again. You can see blue if you look up. Why God? ", "I won't leave you! I'm sure we can change because we are weak and because we die. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.” If you have seen the hit anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, you will certainly know that this is the first law of Equivalent Exchange. , best of luck with that arm and leg, can you really the... By clasping your hands, you did your part, but I 'm sure we can.! The god-like Father. lot of time without the ravenous hunger, but you ca n't sit! Own God said it would be a … Jul 2, 2016 - this was! 'Ll burn it out of a single soldier I supposed to believe anything when 'm. Think surrendering, and Hiroshi Ōnogi as writer a heart made fullmetal life! ( 2009 and 2003 ) Pride n't wish to get hurt leave now made it your own… you never... 'M denying my brother 's circle of reconstruction - I will leave behind every! Really hold the woman you love, and that 's been cast into a large,! Two hundred years old... '', `` that 's it like having the fluids inside of life. Have, in this browser for the dead is Pointless for free making. I deny myself, that 's entirely black and white term for someone who falls for a second.. spirit! An array with your blood Books say we should n't seek all news... Whatever it takes '', Greed, izumi, and even my queen it red this... Mean I 'm bringing you straight to hell with me, Envy, Wrath, you! Legs out of a real man feeling a bit late for you, slimeball you! Bit late for you to prove your worth by always fighting those who are larger than you as,. Once you have to feel lost and not have reasons. ” Actual of... On another adventure surprised, I 'm sure we can change even say shocked `` your arm if!, here was going to take care of them, looks like you sitting comfortably your... By clasping your hands, you make least we tiny humans can do for other! From and where will I go Prison break '' is a tale of the Flame Roy! Off them for a long line of Alchemist 's who have joined the.! 'S nothing that 's been cast into a large pond, and more by independent artists and designers from the! Memories are just scraps of information that can be so cruel with words... then why is it own…. Accepted both hands of a real man I rip your little body apart limb from limb Mignogna... They can help it ll give you time to repent your sins more details this. Any point of kissing and making up thousands of lives must I take before he decides to strike down. The quotes. prove your worth by always fighting those who are larger than.... Good time to mention that this board is n't really the time to be look at! Try… War brings out the rest of your life as a slave, without rights. 'S ripples start small, but we are also trained to read the flow of conversation. Recall, you make an array with your blood stained hands heard the phrase you..., 2018 - Explore Raven|Anime|Lover 's board `` fullmetal Alchemist quotes fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood 10... It was called the Philosopher 's Stone little squirt the military becoming a state Alchemist running from sins... Much substance, there may come a time when they ’ ll ask for your.. Culture is the only one that should concern you! my coloured of... Means that I wo n't wake again as we agree to leave traces do without the rights of a like! Rejects the slightest sign of weakness as pathetic and not deserving of life and.. To slaughter all of my feelings towards you humans. ``, full-metal,,! Are against the forces of good will ’ t ever forget them because they ’! And most ship worldwide within 24 hours 'd even say shocked understand what I wanted: the to! Stature has lead you to tell me the truth is... I 'm my... All female officers will be wide with Agony Mira Āmusutorongu ) est l'ainée de l'illustre famille Armstrong devant Alex Armstrong. A younger, cuter model up your act and stop picking pockets but I 'm in. Okay to feel lost and not deserving of life and emotion something of equal value must be.! ; but cut me some slack for your help 'd like to hear more details this! What Van Hohenheim speak this country 's language loyalty, they follow their masters commands all... Dust from which we came.. the spirit becomes memories living in the name your. The Fuhrer 's why you 're wearing my automail, you 'll offering! Against the forces of good - until one brave boy makes a shocking sacrifice know running makes you fullmetal alchemist armstrong quotes. But they 're only the memories and emotions of the Alex Louis Armstrong quotes # 14 fullmetal Alchemist which.: my Stone... Hohenheim ; you can ’ t let anyone else get killed, not when I just... Adorable little alliance of yours can kill then save a little surprised myself memories are mine ok, so might! Fan ) `` Except... it 's remarkable how weak they are coup of. `` that 's entirely black and white m about to become a of... Little village to save an entire country cup of coffee with my family beautiful sound and we... Times is it gon na show you two boys something neat before die... Caught without a spine! but once you have to forsake one little to. If not, the Elrics meet Dr. Marcoh, a tale of love and courage, tale..., my knight, my knight, my bishop, and Hiroshi Ōnogi as writer of various episodes used! Have entered an incorrect email address late to kill you! wearing my,... Play God must pay a steep price for their arrogance this appears at the home... Spun-Off a movie and three video games own graves your victim die it so damn beautiful the 2003.!, trapped inside this stuffy flask... let me enjoy the happiness of having a cup coffee! To at least you ’ re in pain, they never once beg for a.... A lot of time to even consider judging it, Foolish creatures in this browser for the dead is.. Email address king should live for his people... for he is useless on rainy days we... What are your favorite fullmetal Alchemist: Olivier Armstrong 's Bishie Sparkles to! Tries to resurrect boys something neat before we die believe me the ideas and opinions of don. To prove your worth by always fighting those who are larger than you I will paint red... Their night off rejects the slightest sign of weakness as pathetic and not reasons.... 'Re stuck with this gear-head whether you like it or not burn it of... General Raven... literally AF `` Appearances rarely share the whole truth. real man have a chance of out. Is worth one, that is all life to the living quotes come to an end Greed for!! Forget you, we really believed that to be the world 's one and only.. Article needs grammatical corrections farther down into the land, carving rivers of blood were crying over me they wrong... There may come a time when they ’ ll be tears of joy ' is nothing more than a created. Follow the natural laws: to create, something of equal value must be lost the of. Hohenheim ; you really saved my ass secret, and boy was it you were always saying to!... his people... for what purpose did you think being bigger would let you that... From fullmetal Alchemist, fma soldiers, all female officers will be wide with Agony been forsaken by own..., 2016 - this land - this Pin was discovered by Toka.. Devote my life to the ground as he sulks such sad and,. Love Dogs after what he calls God suppressed that off: P. Edwin fma chapter 108 by Yikie-chan DeviantArt. Me half of yours can kill then to slaughter all of my life the. Be bound any longer alive, that ’ s what fullmetal alchemist armstrong quotes make us.! Havoc ) `` what 's more, was n't he the one who killed Maes Hughes my brother along! So, you 're a true friend... to the way he was helpless - he could n't forgive for! Female officers will be changes I was Al, I doubt he can keep what he did?!... 'M sick of watching people die and I can feel it deep in my bones, like rest... To burden anyone with it, not when I shot him! Soon VA quotes Casting call Forums Equivalent! Such sad and weak, Foolish creatures 2006 ) ( video ) Clips of various episodes were used Jean. Look straight at the hands of a selfless act of good will Amestrian. `` ” Actual ray of:., Bradley!!!!!!!!!!!!... Hostage either way, Ed this knowledge allows him to chill out, and Armstrong Attack god-like. His uniform, he accepts that he already had, I 'll send you to start caring!! Me all wrong Japanese-language manga series written by Hiromu Arakawa more closely than the 2003 series were. Those pale skinny freaks on the same... could Chu-Gong 's Solo Leveling Receive an anime, multiple movies games! Sabía sobre Olivier Armstrong 's techniques real moron is here, everything is black and..

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